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The birth of RFU Labs

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January 13 2012
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It was the day of the student protests in London, thousands marching because they wanted something different. I remember because we got 200m from the offices of Aqueduct, the RFU’s digital agency, when we hit the path of the march and had to make a two mile detour.

We were late, Aqueduct were full of ideas.

"What about starting a blog?" they pitched moments after we sat down.

"We could use it to source ideas and feedback on upcoming digital projects," we said.

"Yes," they said.

"We could use it to show people what actually goes on in the RFU offices," we said.

"Yes," they said.

"The RFU’s never done this before," we said.

"No," they said. "So how about it?"

A helicopter thudded overhead, keeping an eye on the placard-waving mass outside.

"Let’s start it soon," we said.

So here I am a few weeks on, travelling to a social media seminar on a packed commuter train, tapping this out on my phone.

Over the coming months we’ll show you how we develop our digital projects, we’ll give you a first look at some works in progress and we’ll show you into the RFU and Aqueduct offices.

Most importantly we’ll be asking about your needs and ideas for the RFU’s digital projects so we can work them in wherever possible.

Here goes then, something different from the RFU and Aqueduct.

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